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Pottery Painting Idea’s For Children and Adults of All Ages:
Gone Potty is a mobile paint your own pottery service.  We provide for all
events and all age groups based on Merseyside in the North West.  Gone
Potty will come to your home or chosen venue with a selection of pottery
including mugs, plates and figurines that are ready to paint.

Gone Potty will provide all the necessary equipment that you need including
the sponges, stencils, paints (non-toxic) and brushes.  We will take care of
setting up, clearing away and everything you need to help you paint your
unique pieces and have lots of fun.  After your Gone Potty party, each piece
of pottery will be fired, glazed and returned within one week.  All of our
pottery pieces are dishwasher safe.

If you are looking for a great idea for a party, why not try Gone Potty!
Our pottery painting ideas are suitable for a range of events:

  •  Childrens birthday party & other kids party ideas,
  •  Adult parties, corporate events, senior groups,
  •  Guest signed signature plates & wedding signature plate
  •  Baby print parties and baby showers,

Contact us today to plan your special pottery painting event!
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Paint Your Own Pottery Party &  Pottery Painting Ideas by Gone Potty
"Really enjoyed painting the tea
pot, made everyone feel young
again. Once we started we
couldn't stop, got a bit carried
away! Everyone wanted a go!
Carly Stenson
Steph from Hollyoaks (