Gone Potty - Pottery Painting Idea's For Nursery & Playgroups
Pottery Painting for Nursery or Playgroups:

Gone Potty will provide all the necessary equipment that you need including
the sponges, stencils, paints (non-toxic) and brushes.  We will take care of
setting up, clearing away and everything you need to help you paint your
unique pieces and have lots of fun.

You can host a Gone Potty event for your nursery or playgroup.  Each child
can paint on mugs, plates, bowls or tiles. The event will last up to two hours
and each create a special keepsake for e.g. parents or grandparents.

Prices start from around 10 per head. (Discounts available for larger

Contact us today to plan your Gone Potty event.
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Nursery Party Idea | Playgroup Party Idea | by Gone Potty
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Nursery Party Idea | Playgroup Party Idea | by Gone Potty
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Pottery Painting Party for Nursery and Playgroup Party Ideas
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Pottery painting for nursery and play groups
Pottery Painting Ideas for nursery and play group events