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Paint Your Own Pottery Party &  Pottery Painting Ideas by Gone Potty
"When I received the invitation to a Gone Potty party, I didn't know really
what to expect.  Six of us aged between 20-25 sat around a table and I
choose a plate and a mug to decorate.  After an hour I had produced this
wonderful creation which I was really proud of.  The organiser of Gone
Potty was really attentive and gave lots of helpful advice and was a good
laugh.  It turned out to be a fun night which I thoroughly enjoyed and would
not hesitate to repeat".  
Maureen Ventre

"A great success, kids were made up!  Would like Gone Potty to come back
for another event".  
Manager, Halewood Dogs Home (Fun Day)

"Loved the wedding plate, especially as all the guests signed it.  We can keep
it forever.  It is now on display at home, everybody comments on it.  A nice
alternative to a wedding guest book".
 Mr and Mrs Spencer

For a person with no artistic experience I was amazed when I painted the
figurines.  The time flew by I really enjoyed it and was pleased with the
finished product.  A good night, price and quality brilliant!".

"Girls loved painting the  plates and mugs especially as they can use them
after the party.  I actually joined in and enjoyed painting my own plate and

"Thank you Gone potty for supporting St John Ambulance BIG Tea cosy
campaign.  I can't recommend your friendly personal service enough to other
people, it has been a pleasure working with you"
Amanda Taylor
St John Ambulance. Community Fundraising coordinator
Copyright Gone Potty 2007, All Rights Reserved
"Really enjoyed painting the tea
pot, made everyone feel young
again. Once we started we
couldn't stop, got a bit carried
away! Everyone wanted a go!
Carly Stenson
Steph from Hollyoaks (